Tower 11

• Purchased from Moine Fire Department in 2013
• Built by Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin
• 100 foot, 3 person platform ladder with parapet bracket, 2000 gpm Akron Brass monitor, and 2 2 1/2" hose connections
• Cummins 500 HP diesel engine
• Allison automatic transmission
• 6 man crew cab with 5 SCBA seats
• 200 gallon water tank
• Midship pump with control panel
• 2000 gallon per minute nozzle mounted on ladder basket
• 1000 pound ladder load capacity at any elevation


  • Tower 11 is our platform aerial with a 100 foot reach. It was built in 1998 for Moline Fire and was purchased from them in 2013. It is 2nd due for any structure fire, as it carries specific tools including: ventilation fans, portable scene lighting, overhaul and salvage tarps, as well as multiple saws and ground ladders required for ventilation.
  • Tower 11 has been sent up to Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin for refurbishment. It is expected back November 2020. Look for updates for that! 


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